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Music Made Easy is about making music easy to teach in the classroom.

There are 20 lessons prepared for each class grouping, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class, each covering all the appropriate strands and strand units. Each of the lessons have been recorded on CD so all the instructions, music samples, sounds and exercises are on CD. This means that you have nothing to do but follow the programme!

There are also 20 songs covered in each class grouping. These songs are recorded on separate CDs which are included in your CD packs. The songs are supplied with backing tracks, so if you are unable to accompany song singing yourself, you can use these backing tracks to do the job for you.

In each Music Made Easy scheme (Teacher's Pack), there are 3 items:

  • A Teacher’s Manual
  • CD Pack
  • Wall Charts and/or Flip Charts
  • Workbook (Optional)

Teacher’s Manual

The Teacher’s Manual is very easy to follow and includes:

  • A yearly work scheme written out for you with a simple layout.
  • Monthly reports and checklists which help keep track of what has been covered throughout the year.
  • Score/observation sheets which can be used to keep track of the progress of each child during the year.
  • Lesson plans written out for you under the appropriate headings, explaining clearly what you will be doing in each lesson and what you would hope the children could achieve by the end of the lesson.
  • 20 songs with music, guitar chords, tonic solfa and lyrics.
  • The next section of your manual will have a copy of all the worksheets that the children will need to complete, while listening to the lessons on CD. These worksheets are also available in the form of a children’s workbook. The option of getting workbooks for each child is up to you.
  • Finally, there is a section containing pictures which were used throughout the programme. They may be useful for other subject areas as well as music.

CD Pack

The CD Pack contains multiple CD’s (Junior Infants CD Pack = 5 CDs,  Senior Infants CD Pack = 6 CDs, 1st Class CD Pack = 7 CDs, 2nd Class CD Pack = 8 CDs, 3rd Class CD Pack = 9 CDs, 4th Class CD Pack = 9 CDs, 5th Class CD Pack = 11 CDs, 6th Class CD Pack = 12 CDs) and includes:

  • All 20 lessons for each class grouping, narrated
  • Sound samples, music and rhythm for each lesson
  • 20 songs with vocals as well as separate backing tracks
  • Full versions of classical pieces

Although the CDs are of the highest quality, sound samples may have lost some clarity while being prepared for use on this website. Sample files needed to be smaller in size so as not to delay the loading of this website and hence the quality may have been compromised a little bit. Please bear this in mind when listening to samples.

Wall Charts/ Flip Charts

There are Wall Charts and Flip Charts included with each scheme. These are the visual aids which you will need to use with the scheme of work.

Work Book (optional)

Contains the necessary worksheets in workbook format - saves you photocopying.
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